Current Season (Started 9 months ago; Ends in 3 months )
RatingStart DateTeams
     Monday January 20 TXBVA Tour Stop #2/p1440 Points2020-01-20
     Friday Night January 24 College Beach Clinic2020-01-24
     January 25 College Beach Recruiting Showcase/AVP 2 Star2020-01-25
     January 26 $2,000 Womens Open AVP America Points2020-01-26
     January 26 210 Beach Recruiting Showcase/AVP 1 Star2020-01-26
     January 26 Morning College Beach Clinic2020-01-26
     February 1 USAV Beach Regional Bid Qualifier2020-02-01
     February 1 AVP America Mens/Womens A/BB2020-02-01
     February 8 AAU West Coast Jr. Olmypic Qualifier2020-02-08
     February 8 AVP America Mens/Womens B2020-02-08
     February 15 $8,200 AVP Next San Antonio Open2020-02-15
     February 16 Beach Recruiting Showcase/AVP 1 Star2020-02-16
     February 16 Morning College Beach Clinic2020-02-16
     February 16 AVP America Womens AA/Mens A2020-02-16
     Feb 29/Mar 1 BVCA/JVA Club Challenge at the Alamo2020-02-29
     May 16 AVP America Juniors 1 Star2020-05-16
     May 30 AAU West Coast Jr. Olympic Bid Qualifier2020-05-30
     June 6 $4K AVP America Alamo Open2020-06-06
     June 6 AVP America Mens/Womens B2020-06-06
     June 7 AVP Junior 2 Star2020-06-07
     June 13 AVP America Junior 1 Star2020-06-13
     June 13 TXBVA/AVP America COED A2020-06-13
     Wed June 17 210/TAMUK Beach Clinic2020-06-17
     Thursday June 18 $2.2K AVP America Womens Open2020-06-18
     Thurs June 18 210/Hector Gutierrez Middle School Clinic2020-06-18
     June 19-21 p1440 SW Championship/Texas Jr. CUP2020-06-19
     Sept 27 AVP America Juniors 1 Star2020-09-27
     Oct 10 $4K AVP America Fall Open2020-10-10
     Oct 10 TXBVA/AVP America Mens/Womens B2020-10-10
     Oct 11 AVP America Juniors 1 Star2020-10-11
     Oct 11 TXBVA/AVP America Mens/Womens A/BB2020-10-11
     Oct 17 $2K King/Queen of the Beach2020-10-17
     Oct 17 Junior Queen of the Beach 14/16's2020-10-17
     Oct 31 TXBVA/AVP America COED A/BB2020-10-31
     Oct 31 AVP America Juniors 1 Star2020-10-31
     Nov 14/15 $3K TXBVA/AVP America COED Open2020-11-14
     Nov 15 AVP America Juniors 1 Star2020-11-15
     Dec 5 AAU Junior Olympic Qualifier2020-11-15
     Dec 5 $2K AVP America Fall Open2020-12-05
     Dec 12 Junior Queen of the Beach2020-12-12
     Dec 12 TXBVA/AVP America COED A/BB2020-12-12