Oct 10 TXBVA/AVP America Mens/Womens B (2020-10-10)

TXBVA/AVP America San Antonio Mens/Womens B


10:30 am Checkin and 11 am Start time


COVID Precautions: Please adhere to the newest CDC Guidelines


NO PETS inside Sideliners for this event (exception Service Dogs). Service Dogs must have documentation and be on leash


Respect the decision of the Director to enforce CDC Guidelines and standards


-Bring your own water flasks full and 2 if you have them

-Umbrellas and Chairs to be set up 10 Feet apart. If not enough space to set up on your court then you must set up elsewhere. Subject to Director approval

- Sideliners has hand sanitizer inside on wall near the restrooms but strongly encourage you to have your own and use

- No congregating around the main tourney tent, showers, water coolers, or bar area

- Other on site instructions will be given at the event and 210 staff will be monitoring closely and enforcing

-Still no food or outside drinks or Coolers allowed in Sideliners or Outside in parking lot. They do orders for food.


Pools to Playoff Brackets


1st Place $100/Swag

2nd Place $60/Swag

T3 Place $20/Swag


10% Payout to Boomtown Memorial/Dr. Rowan Foundation


AVP America Points Awarded and AVP Grand Prix Points

Search Tournament Teams and Players
Mens B (4 Teams)
Womens B (8 Teams)


Womenz B playoffs

1stJasmin Capo/Juliana Ansley
2ndKylan McCoy/Kendall Groff
3rdJocelyn West/Shelbie Mitchell
3rdCindy Chapa/Cindy Chapa
5thAlauna Soto/Shannon Wingate
5thCourtney Ridge/Makenzi Brown

Did not make playoffs

Kirstin Morris/Stephanie West, Raven Black/Lauren Wharton